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Type: APP Control Anal Plug
Made of: Silicone+PC
Closure diameter:20mm(S); 32mm(L)
Opening diameter: 40mm(S); 55mm(L)
Charging method: USB
Supportive system: Android, IOS
Certificate: QC Report
Waterproofness: IP67
Charging method: USB(Built-in lithium battery)
Design: Pear of Anguish Simulation
Specialty: App remote control; Physical urgent unlocking; 3 kinds of privileges
Impact: Anal chastity lock; Safety anus dilation; SM torture; Long-distance interaction for couples

Packing list: 
1*APP Control Anal Plug

APP 3 kinds of privileges instruction:
1. Gold represents the privilege of the keeper who can unlock freely, change the name of lock post community game, authorize, etc(Single user defaulted as a gold privilege.
2. Pink represents the privilege of the wearer who can freely unlock after authorized by the keeper.
3. Grey represents the lowest privilege of the wearer who can’t freely unlock, must send an unlocking request to the keeper, can update to pink privilege after authorized by the keeper.

There is an instrument of torture called “Pear of Anguish” that is used to punish and torture in 16th-century Europe. It consisted of 4 Petals that can be opened and closed, they are closed when inserting into the vagina, anus, or mouth. When the petals are blooming, you will be amazing at ancient imagination and creation.
(1) It is designed based on “Pear of Anguish”, designed as an openable and closable structure that can restrict the max opening size to guarantee safety;
(2) This APP Control, can remotely control or authorize your partner to do that, break distance limitation, escort your emotional appeal all the way;
(3) Physical unlocking for an emergency, there is an urgent physical on-off can be inserted key into the lock hole, unlock and guarantee your safety, theoretically can unlock 3000 times under normal use;
(4) USB charging and IP67 waterproofness, made from multiple materials in conjunction with electroplating technology, more comfortable and high strength;
(5) App has more functions, such as community, private chat, and square, observe electric quantity in real-time, protections of low battery and over current, etc.

Method of wearing:
1. Scan QR code in the instructions to download QIUI exclusive APP, click the button about add device, bind the device according to the tips;
2. Ensuring anal plug remain is in a state of closure, sufficiently lubricate, and slowly put into your body;
3. After slowly putting the anal plug into your body, press the lock catch under the bottom of the anal plug.

Fitting installation method:
1. Close all the flowers of the anal plug;
2. Turn the knob on the top of the lock catch

Points to note:
1. Owing to the special definition of this product. Please select with great caution according to your tolerance.
2. Anus can’t automatically secrete lubricants. It is recommended to use in conjunction with water-soluble lubricants for sufficient lubrication
3. Clean it up after every use. Keep it in a dark and ventilated place, instead of a place with high temperature and open fire
4. It is normal to have a foreign body sensation after wearing. If any phenomenon of bleeding and obvious pain when use, discontinue use immediately.
6. Pull it out at a time when you go to the toilet.

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